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Set in mid-March, the Marathon Park Prep Half 13.1-mile race is the ideal prep race for the Boston Marathon. The MPP Half-Marathon winds its Course Map direction along a 13.1-mile figure 8 course through the town of Ashland Massachusetts.

The half-long distance race course is a combination of pads and slopes, at certain focuses running corresponding to the Sudbury River and at others evading Ashland State Park. The course incorporates the stretch of the conventional course that Boston’s spring long distance race completely finishes the town of Ashland, around 25 miles west of Boston. All stops and difficult trails will be marked with reflective paints to give you more visibility. The 5K course shares a portion of these elements. With its pleasant and testing course, its veteran coordinators, Squanto Productions of Natick Ma, a spring pre-long distance race occasion serious sprinters ache for, simple access by open transportation with the Ashland stop on the Boston-Worcester MBTA line backs away from Marathon Park as well as a lot of free stopping close by.

Numerous other energizing race subtleties currently are being concluded. Remain associated by joining our email pamphlet and following us on Facebook and Twitter. Every year a part of the races continues go towards making enhancements in Marathon Park and the advancement of an exhibition hall close by committed to “The Ashland Era”. This year we urge you to give to one of our foundations of decision. Much thanks to you for your liberality and backing.

Course Map

Sprinters start Ashland’s Marathon Park Prep Half Marathon at Marathon Park on Pleasant Street, the first beginning line of the Boston Marathon when it was run back in 1897. From that point, sprinters travel south and east past Wildwood Cemetery and Ashland High School, and afterward follow a major circle segment for a considerable length of time that takes them around Ashland State Park. From that point onward, the last couple of miles take them past City Forest prior to going to the recreation area for the race finish.

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Getting started

Know about your cutoff points. The 26.2 miles in a long-distance race put you at an altogether higher gamble for injury than your day-to-day area runs. Talk with your doctor prior to leaving on any preparation program.

Begin early: Conventional insight suggests that hopeful long-distance runners run predictable base mileage for at minimum a year prior setting out on a long-distance race preparing program.

One of the most widely recognized reasons for injury is constructing week after week mileage too early, excessively quick so don’t underrate the significance of reliably running something like 20-30 miles seven days routinely prior to focusing on preparing for a long-distance race.

Begin little: Running a couple of more limited races-5Ks, 10Ks, or even a half long distance race is an amazing method for planning genuinely and intellectually for a first long distance race.

Work on Your Base Mileage 

Most long-distance race preparing plans range from 12 to 20 weeks. Starting long distance runners should plan to develop their week after week mileage to 50 miles over the four months paving the way to race day.

Three-to-five runs each week is adequate. By far most of these runs ought to be done at a casual speed. You should run at a sufficiently simple speed to have the option to carry on a discussion.

While building base mileage, never increment your week-by-week mileage by in excess of 10% from multi week to another.

Prepare for The Long Run

Your subsequent stage is to move toward a week-by-week lengthy run. This should be done once every 7-10 days, broadening the long run by a mile or two every week. Like clockwork, downsize it by a couple of miles so as not to strain your body and chance injury. For instance, you could run 12 miles one end of the week, 13 miles the following, then, at that point, 14 miles, and afterward 12 again prior to continuing on to 15 on the fifth end of the week.

Doing these runs at a significantly slower speed than common forms certainty, allows your body to conform to longer distances, and trains you to consume fat for fuel.

Prepare for the Speed Work

Speed work is a discretionary component to join into your preparation program. It can build your high-impact limit and cause your simple races to feel… all things considered, simple! Spans and rhythm runs are the most famous types of speed work.

Rest and Recovery – Give your body what it deserves!

Rest days mean no running. They let your muscles recuperate from burdening exercises and help forestall mental burnout. The best foe of any hopeful long-distance runners is injury, and the best assurance against injury is rest.

On the off chance that you are tingling to accomplish something dynamic on your rest days, doing some broadly educating is an extraordinary choice. Broadly educating can incorporate strolling, climbing, cycling, swimming, yoga, lifting loads, or whatever other dynamic pursuit that isn’t as high-sway as running.

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Note that the course map provides the approximate route for the raise. We will do every effort to ensure accuracy. There might be inevitable changes that might arise in the future due to weather conditions, but we will always keep you posted. 

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Get Read For Your Next Marathon….

For some sprinters, the craving to do a long-distance race is about private test. You should test your cutoff points or demonstrate that you can take care of business. Maybe a companion has talked you into it. Perhaps you might want to get more fit, get better or bring issues to light for a cause.

Whatever your explanation, clutch it and help yourself to remember it regularly during the months that lie ahead. At the point when your legs are worn out or the weather conditions is terrible, keeping up with your inspiration will assist you with getting out the entryway.