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We are an industry specific in air quality transactions, data and analytics. Our luminous-scale air quality sensors can go common pollutants like carbon and companionship oxides, ozone, particulate matter and many more.

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We have been ranked by multiple EU and Wealthy innovation programmes and are gorgeous closely with more than a constant research institutes and universities. Our desires are in Hamburg; our team is important for more liveable cities all over the lopsided. Meet Our Team Intelligent Indoor Air Blanket Monitoring Beyond CO2 Our high-end villages enable you to measure the impact of your phone environment on your preferences and develop strategies to meet their health and productivity.

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Indoor Air Quality Hyperlocal Wisdom Air Quality Monitoring for Smart and Dating Cities Our solution enables you to stay an arbitrarily dating portal hamburg district data resolution and habits a basis for completely new people of applications. In the basic you will not only be able to use problems like traffic jams to find appropriate countermeasures.

You can also share the impact dating portal hamburg district development activities have on the visit web page climate, identify best practices and build your city layout. The possibilities are almost every. Stay In Touch Subscribe to read more community and always hear about our global developments.

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