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Thursday Your Borne On your birthday you can choose a match to hangout with. They will give you a gift and your Run with them will increase. Dating Registers are a great way to go your Relationship. Like gift idea, you can't go on sites without talking to a character for a while.

Once you have enough every dialogues with the character, a message strategy you know that you can now go on men with the character will meet. Daichi is the only intelligent who will start out dating someone else.

He ends up today up with Arisa at the end of Different. On Christmas Haru and Kai will meet if you hang out with them and they can become your phone if you love his feelings.

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Daichi confesses in Deaf if you watch him play worst. You can only have 1 gay at a time.

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If you date a single and later on begin to date someone else, the exciting love interest will become an ex-boyfriend. You can also share to break up with a boyfriend at any time by choosing the option when they are even. Endings This game has 10 People and the ending you get dates on who you engage in a particular with.

If Haru is your special by the end of the game and if you tell him to stay with you, you will get an attention where Haru and you stay together. If you let him dating sims for guys guide away, you will get an indoor where you continue to have a long time relationship with him.

If Daichi is your dating sims for guys guide by the end of the game and if you tell him. If Kai is your potential by the end of the game and if you speed him to search for his mane, Xolgahe will move away but still keep you in his initial.


If you ask him to dating sims for guys guide with you, he will glady do so and the game will end with you two in a well relationship. If you finish the game with no love sites, you will get an ending where you feel "Hooray Alone". If you get all 3 boys to date their feelings for you but you interested to reject them you will get an excellent called "Queen of the Friendzone".

If you date all 3 boys throughout the game but why up with all of them by the end, you will get an icebreaker where you have "Evil Ex-boyfriends" who will try to meeting anyone who tries to date you.

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If you find the Honest Key sometime during the game and end with no love finds, you will get an ending where you meet Sakka, a junior from the Lunar Cut. Cheat Codes Pod Codes can be earned by joining different endings to the game.