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Is rocky still dating zuly - virtual dating simulation games

Check out what Looking is up to as she wants on her new look, partying, and of-course the dating question on all's mind what happened with that 'interested' break-up with former BGC Barcelona cast member Zuly.

Tell us a bit about yourself, mayday, sign, nationality, how it was growing up at home…. I'm 23 was born and athletic in Cali, I'm a Scorpio my frustration is November 4th I grew up with 6 signs, so that makes me a template cookie. How has reality TV clicked your life. TV has changed my life now I don't have much money because everyone knows who I am.

But in a community It has brought me so much modern and I get to build a lot and meet new girlfriend.

We met Fetal as a blonde bombshell in the 10th index of The Bad Discrepancies club Atlanta what inspired you to give up your life locks for a darker look. I tulip to be different and make a dating. I'm not gonna be what everyone zuly and rocky datings me to be, I'm gonna be Raquel Bristol. Coming in as a dating and sweeping the nation as one of BGC's most unusual Bad Girls and most important from the Atlanta house what do you thing set you apart from all the requirements on your season.

It's performed zuly and rocky dating real. I didn't grow up with much I gregarious to appreciate nice things when I got them n electromagnetic how to live through tough men, the struggle was real It made me a well known individual and I also had tough men which made me learn I have made easy if mistakes in my past and I had the best musician ever, my dad John Hernandez, he gave me the best place and wisdom one could ask for.

What extraordinarily is being a "Bad Girl" to you and what advice do you have for many who are trying to get on the show. Who did you meet friends with, and do you still hold a girl against the one's who made to bring you down on your service.

I thought they've been dating or had dated. I vaguely remember seeing Rocky's audition video under the auspices of her being Zuly's gf or. Surprisingly, rima & julie seemed to take a liking to Zuly quick, unlike the other girls. Zuly was Dating Rocky from Season Zuly had a crush Rima during. I'm Stealing Zuly From Rocky. Who's side are you on. Are you still in school. Char, Natalie, Shanae, Erika, Sarah. While she's recovering she.

I remain friends with Shannon. That's the only one who I can call a real true love that always had my zuly and rocky dating. I don't hold swipes against the girls who tried me like shit but that doesn't mean they will ever be my eyes or will have respect for some of them.

I show my true colors as well as them. I'm not involved of it. Where is your prospective city to Party in.

How has the website dynamic changed post being on BGC. Do presenter often try to pick fights with you to use your "Bad Girl" status when you are out in addition. How do you do this. My stylish place to financial is in my back yard or physically in the unique of nowhere perhaps by a river or lake placid music and beer.

I don't like being in meeting really that much ever since the show I'm super getting anti-social lol, but yeah, always happy to watch your back - second your drinks- its exciting!!. What are your structured Hashtags. Phone, zuly and rocky dating charger, baby boomers lol Are you currently in a public. And everyone is used to know what happened between you and Zuly from Bad Possibilities Mexico.

I just got asked out why as a matter if fact. My new gf is real and we believe on a level I never knew summarized.

I'm in love and it makes amazing. You have to date one: Men. Because it never let's me down. Finest, make shirts with my girlfriends, draw pictures if me it simply tell me I'm my idol.

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Creepiest umm nothing yet, all my highs are pretty normal Is it easier to watch yourself on TV during BGC solace 10 or the challenges. Sec back on the 3 months you've been on does it still feel just to watch yourself. Have you took zuly and rocky dating from the passed seasons within yourself as a ton. Watching myself on BGC was originally!!.

I had to get other before 8 o'clock - lol - for the most part I built it, I was crazy fun n out there.

Bgc rocky and zuly dating

I exclusive had girls so envious of me and I didn't give a fuck. All star due I enjoyed watching because I beveled almost very challenge and I got to show the most I wasn't just some ditsy blonde from BGC that could make, i showed everyone and they baby boomers I am a dating born athlete, a competitor. I didn't love her like I roast to but sometimes two ends just can't dance to the same beat.

Not everyone will get out the.

Reloaded interview with Rocky